Meet SAM, Your Robotic Concierge™

Senior living communities face many challenges. Rising operating costs, increasing acuity levels, staff turnover and competition make it challenging to improve resident care and satisfaction. Luvozo is changing the way residents interact with their senior living community. We’ve built SAM, combining the very best in cutting-edge technology and human touch to provide frequent check-ins and non-medical care for residents in long-term care settings.

How SAM Helps

All-in-One Solution

Our SAM Robotic Concierge™ delivers an unparalleled experience in resident-centered care:
  • Frequent and personalized check-ins with residents
  • Media and communications portal for hands-free video and calling
  • Continuous and automated environmental fall hazard assessments
  • On-demand non-emergency call button response
  • Tele-operated by our trained off-site care professionals at key times for natural interactions and conversation
  • The latest in state-of-the-art technology engagement!

Download our SAM overview
Download our SAM Overview Brochure

SAM Benefits

We've worked alongside front-line care staff, industry professionals, and fall prevention researchers to address some of the biggest needs in long-term care. SAM focuses on improving the resident living experience while supplementing staff in non-medical tasks. From helping residents and care staff, to providing a unique differentiator for family discussions, SAM has something for everyone in your community.

More interactions and timely attention, leading to increased socialization and reduced fall risk in certain situations


Better communication options to stay close

Care Staff

Fewer call bells, reduced stress, and more quality bedside care

Administrators / COOs

Care insights and population management, market differentiation and increased resident satisfaction

What Residents and Staff are Saying

Skilled nursing facilities need to invest in more technological advances to improve care and resident satisfaction. Our experience with SAM demonstrates that promise and we are excited about this opportunity.


Washington, D.C. senior living community

This could really help prevent falls, assist with rounds, and take over menial tasks. I think everyone could use a SAM.

Director of Nursing

Washington, D.C. senior living community

I like SAM. He’s a pleasant presence.


Washington, D.C.

Original SAM in Action

SAM isn't science fiction. It's here now and ready to make a difference in long-term care. Our first SAM was tested in a D.C. senior living community in mid-2015, quickly became part of the team and provided a warm experience for residents and staff alike. See photos below.

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SAM will deploy exclusively to our Early Access Program members in mid-2016. Interested in having SAM make a difference in your community? We have a limited amount of openings for this exclusive early launch, so contact us today for introductory pricing:

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